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PAINTing the Canvas

March¬†has been filled with GOBLINs (traditional and #netnarr surprises), preparing for #OLCInnovate,¬†#Domains17,¬†and planning a new training program called PAINT Canvas. For the last year that I’ve facilitated¬†Canvas training, much of my energy has been spent on-boarding instructors into the new Canvas software while helping them think through how this¬†impacts their course design. Canvas Camp is […]

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Domains17 Conference Proposals

I’m already anticipating the #Domains17 conference¬†slated for¬†June 5-6th this summer. Much of my excitement is a direct result of¬†the folks who will attend this conference as #Domains17 will be bring together many of the minds focused on Domain of One’s Own (DoOO) projects and beyond. Individuals like Martha Burtis (headlining!), Jim Groom, Tim Owens, Adam […]

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Our Most Important Canvas Training

Last¬†week was the 19th Canvas Camp hosted at the University of Oklahoma. Looking back on its evolution from¬†May 2016 to today,¬†the dozens of courses developed by participating¬†instructors, and the feedback I’ve received, Canvas Camp is an ongoing success. Background Canvas Camp is intended to teach instructors¬†how to use Canvas while they are producing their first […]

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10 Notable Ideas From InstructureCON 2016

I’m aware that this post is overdue since InstructureCON concluded two months ago, but I wanted to share a few ideas¬†from the conference. If you prefer a breakdown of the sessions I attended, I recommend checking out John Stewart’s eleven posts linked in his concluding reflection. EdCamp – InstructureCON Un-Conference 1. Canvas Mentor Professors: This […]