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What Was Absent From #OLCInnovate?

Now that I’ve journaled my experiences at #OLCInnovate I wanted to dive deeper into a couple things I feel were missing (to the extent I’d like to see) from #OLCInnovate. Bring Students to #OLCInnovate Since the conversations at #OpenEd16, especially surrounding the presentation that Adam Croom facilitated and involved student voices, I’ve seen more focus on including students […]

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From Faraday to Facebook: The Life and Influences of a Faithful Scientist

I wrote this paper during my undergraduate spring 2012 semester. It was of my favorite projects during my early academic career. Although I am republishing this work (with a creative commons license), I have not altered the original essay besides formatting. (Fun fact: this paper was written entirely on my iPad 2 at the time.) […]