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Website Spring Cleaning

Yesterday I changed from my original WordPress theme, Twenty Fifteen, to Cover. So far I’m liking the minimal design of Cover and how the blog roll page presents post excerpts rather than the full text of each blog post. In addition to this visual overhaul, I’m sifting through my old blog post drafts and deleting […]

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From Faraday to Facebook: The Life and Influences of a Faithful Scientist

I wrote this paper during my undergraduate spring 2012 semester. It was of my favorite projects during my early academic career. Although I am republishing this work (with a creative commons license), I have not altered the original essay besides formatting. (Fun fact: this paper was written entirely on my iPad 2 at the time.) […]

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What’s In Store for Spring 2016?

I am really looking forward to the trainings and presentations for the upcoming semester. In particular, I am excited about hosting GOBLIN for the first time (more details below). In addition to GOBLIN, here’s a list of trainings I am offering this semester through CTE (descriptions, schedules, and sign-up links provided where available): Mobile Blogging & Scholarship […]