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From Within The Belly Of The Beast – Domains Inside The LMS?

Life has accelerated astronomically since my first #domains17 post, so I haven’t finished the other writing I was working on since I’m now headed to Australia for a short-term job. Fun fact, my domain actually helped me secure that job. ūüôā Anyways, here’s the rundown of my #domains17 presentation (PS thank Jim Groom for the […]

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Australia Adventures – How My Domain Helped Me Get A Job

I’ll be heading to Australia to help RMIT University with their Canvas LMS transition. Since I just finished supporting the University of Oklahoma’s year-long transition from D2L to Canvas, I’m looking forward to taking what I’ve learned over the last year and using it to help RMIT use Canvas to its full potential. My goal […]

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My Last Apple Computer Upgrade

I just finished upgrading¬†my last Mac. My wife’s early 2011 MacBook Pro was¬†really starting to show its age. The full¬†320GB hard drive¬†was¬†making this computer¬†inoperable and¬†needed to be replaced. The Upgrade To breathe new life into her MacBook Pro, I added a massive¬†960GB SSD.¬†I wanted to kill two birds with one stone here: triple her total¬†storage […]