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Anatomy of Slaying GOBLINs – #OpenEd16 Presentation

Last week, John and I gave one of my favorite presentations while at #OpenEd16. We spoke¬†about our game-based professional development program,¬†GOBLIN.¬†During our 25 minute presentation, we combined role-play,¬†gameplay, storytelling, and discussion to emulate the experience of participating in a session of GOBLIN. Role-Play To add subtle hype to our final-day-of-the-conference¬†session, we distributed a few sightings […]

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Trainings, Projects, & Gaming – Fall 2015 Updates & Reflections

Hello internet, it has been a while. I have wanted to do more blogging recently. Yet, I keep running into the issue of starting a post¬†with an awesome idea, but keeping the post in draft form indefinitely because¬†it is not high enough quality or I feel there are pieces missing. I need to interrupt¬†this pattern. […]