Tuesday night after the election results were clear, a verbal assault occurred on my campus. One of my friend’s little sisters was shouted at by a man who claimed the results of the election gave him the right to “grab her by the pussy.” Fortunately, she was with a group of people at the time and the man was not able to follow through with his threat. But now, my friend’s little sister plans on purchasing mace as a safety precaution—she doesn’t feel safe on our campus, and she is a white woman.

She’s not alone in her fear. There are other stories like this:

For every individual that’s not attacked or oppressed, there are even more living in fear. This breaks my heart. This is not the America I want for our children.

I’m presenting these stories today because these hateful behaviors are not okay. If you see hate and oppression occur around you, speak up. If we are complacent, this monstrous behavior will go unchecked and hate will shift further into normalcy. It is our duty to call out those who are doing wrong to others—we are the ones who must fight this hate.

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