In the spirit of the #F5F #clmooc tradition. I want to give some shout-outs that reflect my experiences during my first week of the Connected Learning MOOC. I am providing author names, links, and the content they posted that spoke to me this week.

1. Susan Watson – “Somebody better give us an assignment….”

Meme of a lion laughing: "Bahahaha"

Susan’s Included Meme

This was a great way to start #clmooc since I lurked for part of #Rhizo15 and had Rhizomatic Learning in mind for this course.

2. Michael Flichbaugh“This video introduces me via t-shirt.”

What a great #untro to kick off the week for me! I was inspired by the variety of ideas that circulated in the Google+ Community and Twitter.

3. Laura Gibbs“a smashing un-intro….”

Digital puzzle of Keegan, the author of this blog post.

Laura Gibbs completes the puzzle she made of me!

What does it say about you when you are smashed into pieces by a coworker? I don’t have an answer for that questions. Instead, I want to say that this post by Laura quickly pulled me into conversations and made me feel included in the #clmooc community. So, thank you Laura!

4. Make With Me #1 Participants – Unmaking an Introduction

Bringing together the participants of #clmooc was a great way to propagate more ideas. I loved hearing feedback and reactions to content that had been posted during the week. These perspectives were valuable to me understanding the nature of #clmooc as a first time participant.

5. Steph West-Puckett“How I roll w/ #untros in my college comp classroom.”

Screenshot of Steph West-Puckett's English 1100 class website. Page title is Critical Narrative.

Steph West-Puckett’s English 1100 Class Website

I was excited to be provided with an example of how a Make Cycle idea makes its way into the classroom. This reminded me how participating in #clmooc is great for sparking new ideas and procuring creativity in education and beyond.

I look forward to see what’s in store next week!

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