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One of the newest additions to the online learning environments at the University of Oklahoma is the Janux platform, which allows anyone to participate alongside OU students in publicly accessible courses from the University. Courses topics range from computer programming to organic chemistry (“Chemistry of Beer”). As with most new technologies, the best way for you to experience this new learning platform is to simply explore it yourself. Therefore, I encourage you to visit janux.ou.edu and browse the catalog of courses for something that interests you. The amount of content that has been compiled and made accessible for each course is quite remarkable.

There are several tutorial videos available to guide your exploration of Janux. These videos were created to demonstrate many of the features on this learning platform (and the companion Janux iPad App). Features range from how to take notes in Janux to communicating with other students on the platform as well as discussions on the iPad. These tutorial videos are meant to empower you with the knowledge to navigate and interact with the content on Janux to get the best learning experience possible.

For a complete list of the tutorials, please refer to the videos below:

1. Notes, Sharing, and Searching:

2. Videos, Transcripts, and Assignments:

3. Unit Workflow:

4. Profiles, Discussions, and Reporting:

5. Contacts, Groups, Distribution Lists, and Chats:

6. iPad App! (Version 1):

7. Changing to HTML5 Videos:

8. Discussions on iPad App:

As of March 2014, these tutorial videos have been viewed 775 times, for over 2200 minutes, from 27 different countries.

If you believe these videos would be helpful to someone you know, please share them as this content was produced not only to help students at the University of Oklahoma but also fellow learners from across the world.

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