During OLC Innovate, I setup TAGS Explorer to collect all the tweets containing #OLCInnovate. Originally, I was only interested in the various hashtags used at this conference. Overtime, my interests quickly evolved as others started engaging with the dataset. Now I want to give others the opportunity to play with and analyze the tweets from OLC Innovate.

all the tweets

Access the Data!

I am providing the twitter data in a few different formats to maximize access. You are welcome to convert to any other file formats. As an open dataset, I am assigning a CC-BY 4.0 license to this content. Let me know if you have any questions!

Google Sheet


Txt File (Tweet Text Only)

JSON – For access, open the Google Sheet Link above and click “Export JSON” in the google sheet menu to create this file. For more information on the script I used to make this possible, see this post by Pamela Fox.

Data Uses

During the conference I used this data to show which hashtags were popular:

The dataset also helped me determine the most retweeted tweets at OLC Innovate:

Beyond these pieces of information, I would love to calculate how many times “Innovate” was used at the conference. Or analyze the tweets from specific users, like the top tweeters:

There are more substantial and interesting pieces of information within these tweets—I am excited to see what you find and produce! If you want to see what I am working on, here is access to some of my personal analysis.

Where To Start?

Voyant Tools 2.0 is my first suggestion for data analysis. You can copy the provided txt file into this tool to explore many interesting data visualizations. This is a great place to start because Voyant is very accessible and informative. Also, you are welcome to share any other data visualization tools you know.

Volant Tools 2.0

For those interested, I have posted my reflections on attending OLC Innovate virtually. I am excited to share my experiences about virtually attending this conference!

The featured image is provided CC0 by Bill Williams via Unsplash.


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