If you’re interested in exploring games and learning over the next 4 weeks, I’m hosting a reading group. We’ll be reading What Video Games Have To Teach Us About Learning And Literacy by Dr. James Paul Gee. I’m excited about this book because, in it, Gee offers an accessible framework for contemplating teaching and learning. Also, I plan to focus on real world examples of topics presented throughout the book as they manifest in applications such as Media Literacy and Reacting to the Past curriculum.

Reading Schedule

Week 1 (Oct 27) – Chapters 1 & 2: Introduction & Semiotic Domains
Week 2 (Nov 3) – Chapters 3 & 4: Learning and Identity & Situated Meaning and Learning
Week 3 (Nov 10) – Chapters 5 & 6: Telling and Doing & Cultural Models
Week 4 (Nov 17) – Chapters 7 & 8: The Social Mind & Conclusion

Getting The Book



You’ll have to check your local bookstore or purchase online. 🙂


While reading this book, you’re invited to participate in discussion a few ways:

  1. View our open curriculum, which includes discussion questions, reading resources, and more.
  2. Discuss the reading through asynchronous video conversations via Flipgrid (introduce yourself on this page).
  3. Submit real world examples of the topics presented in the book. There’s a form at the bottom of each week’s webpage, you can use to contribute (see the 1st week as reference).
  4. Vote on submitted examples using the “Vote This Submission Up” button at the bottom of each example’s webpage (see the Web Literacy post as reference).
  5. Write reflections on your own blog/website. If there’s significant interest, I’ll put together a reflection section like I’ve done for previous reading groups (message me if this sounds interesting).
  6. Tweet using #readGLL or at me @KeeganSLW if you’d like to chat.
  7. Comment your thoughts at the bottom of this post and I’ll respond accordingly.
  8. Anything else you can think of! 🙂

I’m looking forward to engaging in scholarship with you over the coming weeks!

The featured image is provided CC0 by Alice Hampson via Unsplash.


    1. Would love to have you join in Kevin!

      If there’s enough interest and blog reflections, I’ll setup a syndication site for our posts. Or we can do something like a flipgrid or really anything. 🙂

  1. I haven’t read it. This seems like a grrat opportunity to learn and meet like minded ppl. I may dip in and out though based on work.

    1. Sounds great Claire! Would love to have you whenever you can make it.

      I’m looking forward to studying this book more with people. I’ve read significant portions, but want to sit down and do the whole thing with other interested folks. Getting excited for it! 😀

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