In addition to facilitating another round of GOBLIN with John Stewart over the next several weeks, I’m planning on reading Paying the Price by Sara Goldrick-Rab as part of a reading circle. Before I crack the (digital) spine of this book about the rising cost of college and its impacts, I wanted to take a moment and reflect.

While reading Paying the Price, I will be actively thinking about actions I can take to help students with the rising costs of college degrees. Not only do I anticipate Sara Goldrick-Rab’s recommendations, but I want to spend some time brainstorming what I can do to assist students in both the short-term and long-term. In particular, I want to focus on how I can help inform and educate others about these issues in order to propagate aid beyond what I can provide alone. Initially, I’m thinking this may manifest itself in my current projects as I think about how to engage faculty members in curriculum development. For example, continuing to work with instructors on ways to reduce the monetary overhead for students to succeed in their courses. However, I also want to keep an open mind for Sara Goldrick-Rab’s propositions in Paying the Price as well as what arises from the weekly discussion of the reading group.

To promote public reflection, I took a moment on Friday to setup a FeedWordPress website to syndicate any and all online reflections from this reading group. If you are interested in such musings check out

Here’s to working towards a better future for our students!

The featured image is provided CC0 by Jimi Filipovski via Unsplash.

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