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Hacking My Presentation – Gamifying the Classroom

Fact: Graduate students are the best! ūüôā So, last night¬†I hosted a workshop about “gamifying the classroom” (and game-based learning) for the Graduate Teaching Academy hosted by OU’s Center for Teaching Excellence. I ended up experimenting with this workshop quite a bit and wanted to share some of my adventures/reflections. Storytelling – A Presentation Platform? […]

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Types Of Professional Development I Host – CTE Manual

At the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE), I host a myriad of trainings depending on the focus and instructional needs across campus. When approaching professional development‚ÄĒin addition to content‚ÄĒI consider factors such as time commitments and formats to best serve the needs of as many individuals as possible. This post contains such information for the […]

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iPadpaloozaOU Proposal

I am looking forward to¬†iPadpaloozaOU¬†this fall! iPadpaloozaOU is a local conference¬†being¬†cohosted by the Gaylord College of Journalism and the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education at the University of Oklahoma¬†and¬†is being organized by my friend and colleague, Anne Beck. What sets this conference apart for me is that it seeks to engage both pre-service teachers and […]

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GOBLIN as Open Educational Resource (OER)

This post is written by guest blogger¬†John Stewart.¬†John is the Assistant Director of Digital Learning at the¬†Center for Teaching Excellence at the University of Oklahoma¬†and my collaborator on¬†GOBLIN. While the thought of gamifying an entire class or even elements of a class will be daunting for many, GOBLIN also includes more universal and applicable concepts. […]

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How to Blog, Develop Curriculum, Microblog, & Discuss in 50 Minutes

Last Friday I had the pleasure to present¬†at OU’s 5th annual Academic Technology Expo with John Stewart. Since¬†our “presentation” was more¬†of a hands-on workshop, titled¬†Mobile Blogging, Scholarship, and Cultivating Student Success,¬†we¬†had participants blog, develop curriculum, microblog and discuss applications of mobile blogging¬†in their classrooms.¬†It was phenomenal, and here’s¬†how we accomplished everything¬†in 50 minutes: Minutes 0-10 […]

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Growing, Thankfully

I am thankful for many things in my life (wife, family, work, Star Wars, etc.). However, I want to write about two things that¬†have been a significant part of¬†my life over¬†the last year. Teaching Some of the biggest projects I have been working on include a¬†Mobile Blogging & Scholarship¬†Workshop Series¬†and a¬† Course Integration¬†Faculty Learning Community. […]

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Paper Tweet Activity

Recently¬†I led¬†an educational technology workshop at Youth Workers Academy, and one of the technologies¬†I covered in this training was social media. To engage participants with Twitter, I had everyone research what the Bible says about poverty and paraphrase their findings into 140 characters‚ÄĒwith the intention these contributions could be tweeted to the world. However, I […]