I am thankful for many things in my life (wife, family, work, Star Wars, etc.). However, I want to write about two things that have been a significant part of my life over the last year.


Some of the biggest projects I have been working on include a Mobile Blogging & Scholarship Workshop Series and a Lynda.com Course Integration Faculty Learning Community. Both of these were professional development programs that I got to design, build, and facilitate through my work at the Center for Teaching Excellence at OU.

And rather than outline the details of these projects, I want to express why I am grateful for them.

I am thankful because I love teaching and these trainings allow me to grow, refine, and practice my craft. I have taught high school chemistry and physics, english as a second language, and am now able to teach educational technology at OU. Each of these experiences have pushed me and my understanding of instruction to become a more effective educator. I am grateful for these opportunities.

Additionally, I have started creating web resources that accompany each of my trainings. These materials have been helpful to me, my students, and others individuals across campus (and the world). I am thankful I have been encouraged to develop resources that can easily be shared online because it is amplifying my impact as an Educational Technologist.

(I am currently building another professional development course with my colleague John Stewart. This project may be the biggest yet! If you are interested in what games have to teach us about learning, look for our training next semester!)


From September 2014 to March 2015, I got to live in Japan with my wife while she studied abroad. This experience was fantastic. Living in another country is one of the best ways to learn about life because it is a chance for exploration, reflection, and self-discovery.

I am thankful I got to live in Japan alongside my best friend—my wife. We were presented with everyday problems and experiences that have cultivated a deeper relationship between us. Not to mention, I feel more self-confident as a traveller.

If you are ever given the chance to live abroad, even for a short period of time, I highly encourage you to take the opportunity. There are no substitutes for such a learning experience.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

After reflecting today I realize I am grateful when I am given chances to grow and develop as a person or a professional. Also, I am thankful for Thanksgiving hamsters eating tiny pies. 🙂

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