Using the “Simple API” from Unsplash, I am able to present random images ever time this page loads.

Go on, refresh the page to see the Simple API in action! 🙂

The Best Part

You can add this Simple API to your websites using the following HTML text:

<img src="" />

And variations of this link can be used to change the parameters of the Simple API. For example, Unsplash photos from specific users, like erondu, can be acquired using the modified HTML text:

<img src="" />

Or specifying Unsplash photos from a certain category, like Nature, can be obtained from the following HTML text:

<img src="" />

The Simple API is much more robust than I am depicting with these few examples. So, I suggest exploring more at to get a better idea of the affordances and potential it possesses.

Increasing Reachability

The beauty of the Simple API comes down to making APIs easier to use for the general populous. Distributing API content using (the familiar technology) hyperlinks allows more people to take advantage of this technology since they do not need the background knowledge required to use a traditional API.

In other words, lowing the required-knowledge barrier will increase the usage and reachability of the API.

Of course Unsplash offers the full JSON API for those that are interested, but being able to use without needing to know how to use a traditional API is a fantastic alternative!

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