Time to break down one of my favorite mobile device workflows!


To write this post, I am using the WordPress app. You can download this for Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, or Windows Phone.

With this app, you can create an entire website on your phone in a matter of seconds through WordPress.com. However, I am using the self-hosted version of WordPress. This means, my WordPress website is on a server that I administer myself. I am not going to get into the specifics of these differences, so here is a video that can provide some helpful insights:

(OU Create is the program at the University of Oklahoma that is providing me with the web server and web domain required for the self-hosted version of WordPress. My Uni is giving me (and all OU personnel) this online space because they believe I should be controlling my digital identity. And I agree!)


Anyways, the video you see before the previous paragraph is from YouTube. Within the WordPress app, I pasted the link to the video where I wanted it to appear in the text. WordPress detected the video link and automatically formatted it for viewing. If you want some specific information about this process, check out this official support page.

Generally, for a WordPress website, you should plan on streaming video content through another service such as YouTube. In other words, do not upload video directly to your WordPress site (because video files are too large).


Images on the other hand, can be uploaded to your WordPress site.

The featured image for this blog post was taken from the public domain image website Unsplash. Once I found an image from Unsplash, I downloaded it to this phone and uploaded it through the WordPress app. Whether you are blogging on a mobile device or not, you should check out Unsplash:


The screenshot I just included was captured on this $50 smartphone and also uploaded within the WordPress app. (Remember you can include images taken directly from the camera of your mobile device as well.)

Support Materials

If you are interested in learning more about mobile devices and blogging, head over to the Mobile Blogging & Scholarship website for more information and ideas.

In addition to that website, (if you are an OU student, faculty, or staff member) I suggest downloading the Lynda.com app for your respective device and learn more about WordPress. To get you started, here are several Lynda.com playlists.


Publishing web content from a smartphone or tablet is easier than ever! This entire blog post was produced from start to finish using the $50 BLU Advance 4.0L Smartphone. With apps like WordPress, anyone can create and manage an entire website, and with mobile devices, this can be done from anywhere.

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