Serving as the Innovation Lab Chair for #OLCInnovate this year has allowed me to uncover many of the conversations that will take place at the conference. These discussions are hosted by individuals, informal groups, and satirical entities and shed light on the nuances of conversations that will take place this week at #OLCInnovate.

Innovation Lab

  • Solution Station Alumni Stories – “SDS alumni: what was the challenge you brought to SDS? What did you learn? What were your next steps and where are you now in developing a solution?”
  • Solution Station Challenges – “This is a space for virtual and on-site participants to submit a challenge. Please let us know where in the iteration process you are and what feedback you are looking for from the community. Challenges will be discussed asynchronously here and potentially selected as a challenge to be worked on in the Solution Station. Be sure to like one’s you would like to work on.”
  • #OLCDesignThinking – Join the conversation on design thinking taking place in the Innovation Lab.
  • Storytelling Flipgrid – Using storytelling to showcase how we overcome failure and move forward.
  • #OLCInnovationLab – The general hashtag to continue conversations around the topics of the Innovation Lab.

Innovation Installation


  • Online Laboratory Science Website – A collection of resources, discussion, and even lesson plans that accompany this conversation, not presentation. Feel free to submit online laboratory science resources to this website.
  • #OnlineLabSci Discussion – A broader conversation around what’s possible in the online lab science space.
  • Game Design as Pedagogy Website – An online of this conversation, not presentation. Plus a form to submit your thoughts and reflections on the topic.
  • Open Professional Development Sprint Website – On Wednesday at 11:15AM, there will be a sprint to collect resources and share advice for first-time online teachers. Feel free to submit or vote on the best resources that come out of this open professional development sprint.

“Official Conversations”

These are some of the official places where discourse and learning are taking place:

  • OLC Innovate Campfire Stories – “Conferences are about sharing stories. Usually we talk about our successes, but not all success stories are a straight line. For OLC Innovate 18, we want to talk about failing forward. For this Flipgrid, we hope you’ll tell us about how you turned a pedagogical failure into a chance for growth. Please grab a s’more and share your Campfire Story.”


If you know of more conversations happening at #OLCInnovate, feel free to share them in the comments below. (I may update this document depending on what else I uncover at the conference.)

The featured image is provided CC0 by Alexis Brown via Unsplash.


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