If you are interested in participating in eXperience Play (XP) remotely, I am going to provide a to-do list of items each week. These to-do lists will include a variety of tasks such as playing games, reflecting, blogging, and portions of game development. If you complete all five to-do lists, you will produce an educational text-based game in five weeks. For more information on this professional development, read this blog post, visit the eXperience Play website, or contact me via Twitter or email.

This post corresponds with the first session of XP.

Part 1 – Professional Development

1. Play the games listed here.

2. Reflect and write a blog post following this prompt:

Blog Prompt
  • Give a brief review of each game you played. (What aspects of each game were notable? How could these games be valuable to your course? Etc.)
  • Research & define “Meaningful Play” in your own words.

Part 2 – Game Development

3. Brainstorm ideas for a text-based game you want to produce over the next 5 weeks:

  • Think about what experience you want to communicate to students.
  • Consider what aspects of the games you played would be positive additions to your game.
  • Keep the scale and scope of your idea limited so you are able to complete your project in five weeks.

Please have your idea ready by September 19th.  Share your idea with me via Twitter or email or reach out with any questions.

The featured image is provided CC0 by Helloquence via Unsplash.

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