March has been filled with GOBLINs (traditional and #netnarr surprises), preparing for #OLCInnovate#Domains17, and planning a new training program called PAINT Canvas.

For the last year that I’ve facilitated Canvas training, much of my energy has been spent on-boarding instructors into the new Canvas software while helping them think through how this impacts their course design. Canvas Camp is a prime example of this focus. However, as the official one-year transition time is coming to a close, I’ve begun shifting my time away from on-boarding and towards the pedagogical and technical approaches that make even more awesome Canvas courses. Fully realized, this shift led to developing PAINT Canvas in collaboration with Hong Lin.

PAINT Canvas website displaying paintbrushes

Prepare All Instruction, Now Teach (PAINT) is a half-day Canvas training that showcases the best of Canvas in the classroom to inform and inspire educators. PAINT is organized into 45 minute rotating stations that focus on various Canvas features including pedagogical approaches and technical examples. Nearly 20 instructors will present over topics ranging from Class Blogs, Collaborative Web Annotation, Gamified Courses, Student Choice Modules and more! If you wish to view the complete schedule of topics, visit the PAINT Canvas website.

Keeping in theme, we’ll have some giveaways at PAINT including….paintings(!!!):

I’ve been looking forward to this event for a while. Partially because many of the topics are connected to other projects I work on. For example, I’m ready to hear from two faculty presenting over course blogs within Canvas (blogs that originated from OU Create). And a couple faculty who attended GOBLIN last year are showcasing the gamification elements they integrated into their Canvas courses. Yet, my anticipation for PAINT is heightened because it’s bringing many surprises in terms of content. Normally, I always have a sense of each topic being presented at events like PAINT. This time however, I’m looking forward to learning new things alongside other fantastic instructors!

If you’d like to follow the event, be sure to check out #PAINTCanvasOU on twitter and explore the content posted to the PAINT Canvas website. We’ll be painting up a storm!

Paint palette covered in many paint colors.

The featured image is provided CC0 by Luis Dávila via Unsplash.

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