Together we are stronger.

There are many challenges in our world. How we’re perceived, how much we earn, how many resources are available for our students, etc. Yet, when I see those that have endured—my teachers—I am proud to weather the path.

I am thankful. For the gifts they have bestowed to me. For the opportunity to give back. Standing together—learning together brings me strength.

One inspired a love for math from an early age. At a time when it was hard to be sure of yourself, when everything was new and scary. Thank you.

Another helped open a mind to the possibilities of the world. Once you leave the cave, you see the world in renewed light. Thank you.

And one brought the love of reading to all. The chance to share your thoughts and grow with them yields inspiration for a lifetime. Thank you.

For so many, I am thankful. The culmination of your kindness, your patience, and your intellect… Are we all your brainchildren? Thank you.

We are teachers. We are stronger together. Synergy in community.

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