Time is an interesting thing.

In the last few weeks, several luxuries in my life have disappeared. Many of my favorite restaurants on Campus Corner: Pita Pit, Crooked Crust, & Chimy’s have gone out of business. Not to mention the number of TV shows that have been canceled over the past month. I will sorely miss the experiences from each of these luxuries.

Although these amenities are trivial in comparison to everything else consumed by time, they also serve as a reminder of the nature of life. In our journey, we take for granted many of the things we enjoy—from people and experiences to luxuries, things are finite in our world.

It is interesting to me that the finite is often cited as valuable aspect of our experiences (looking at you Vision). In other words, limitations are poetic.

What do you think? Does the nature of limitations increase the value of such amenities in our lives? I realize such a question is loaded, but it is fun to think about.

Lots of change is in the air—from work to fun—many things have come and gone in the last few weeks.

Although I will miss luxuries like Agent Carter and Pita Pit, I look forward to the next set of experiences I will be fortunate to encounter.

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  1. Sounds interesting, Keegan. Maybe we shouldn’t on whom we should vote for president. of the U.S. After the primary we cannot vote again until the election. In the meantime someone had to drop out for various reasons. Maybe we should all think about how to change this method. Grandmommy

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